Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PTGui 7.4 beta available for download

Joost (rhymes with toast) Nieuwenhuijse has released a public beta of his outstanding cross-platform panorama stitching program PTGui. This is a good a time as any for you, the aspiring panorama photographer to explore this fantastic program.
Joost is constantly adding features and making the program easier to use. He also is very accessible, fielding questions on a daily basis on the PTGui Google group.
The current version, PTGui 7.3 is available for a free 30-day trial. The online support for the program is excellent (and required reading) for new users. Also, check out a home-baked tutorial in the Flying Short Course handouts post of last Friday.
I need to be clear - stitching panoramas is technically challenging! Be patient, read the instructions, experiment and ask questions! The panoramic community is diverse and more than willing to help newcomers who are willing to try. I will post a list of online resources later this week.

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