Saturday, December 8, 2007

Two weeks to the next World Wide Panorama event

The World Wide Panorama
Join hundreds of panorama photographers from around the globe for this four-times-a-year event. We make panoramas on a theme during windows of time around the solstices and equinoxes, stitch them, post them, then sit back and marvel at the variety of photographic styles, techniques and most importantly, cultures.
The 2007 winter solstice event is a "Best of the Year" theme, where photographers post their favorite panorama of the year. This year's event also features a tribute to the Wrinkle in Time, a pioneering panorama collaboration on the 1997 Winter Solstice.
This is a great opportunity to get great ideas, and to learn from experienced photographers. There are a lot of newbies that come out from behind the curtain for the first time in the WWP.
The geniuses that make the WWP run have made the uploading process easy, and also make it easy to learn how to use Google Maps and Google Earth to further enhance the sense of place a panorama creates.
There's a bonus - posting on the WWP will boost your rating in Google's search engines.
Need more info? Have questions? Join the WWP Yahoo group, and check out the WWP event page.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

VR Journalism at work in the Phillippines

Fung Yu of the city of Makti shot VR panos of the scene of the lobby of the five-star Peninsula Manila hotel where an attempted coup took place last week. You may have seen the stills from this scene, which were interesting enough but didn't really have enough information to get a sense of the scene.
Check out these panos of the scene to get a real feel of what was happening:
This item was originally posted on the PanoToolsNG Yahoo group.