Wednesday, December 5, 2007

VR Journalism at work in the Phillippines

Fung Yu of the city of Makti shot VR panos of the scene of the lobby of the five-star Peninsula Manila hotel where an attempted coup took place last week. You may have seen the stills from this scene, which were interesting enough but didn't really have enough information to get a sense of the scene.
Check out these panos of the scene to get a real feel of what was happening:
This item was originally posted on the PanoToolsNG Yahoo group.

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Firefly said...

Hi All,

Prior to anything, my sincere thanks for Gary in posting this link.

Well, I've been contributing to the for sometimes now...but mostly just travel journals...this was my very first sojourn in terms of "real" VR journalism.

An out of curiosity mainly to see what the aftermath of an assault on 5-star hotel looks like. I had a commercial shoot that day for a developer, and since I had all my gears with me, and the all powerful press ID, proceeded to check out the drama.

Shoot using Canon 350D with 8mm Sigma fisheye lens on the new Kaidan QuickPan Pro.