Saturday, October 25, 2008

Calling All Panoramists

I'm wondering how many of you are regularly publishing panoramas on your publication's website. 

If you are - tell me. I want to feature the work you all are doing. Don't be shy.

Post a reply, or email me!


Thad said...

We publish panos occasionally....when the story begs for it. Recently, we published this time-lapse panorama as the lead visual on the homepage of

Click here to see the time lapse panorama.....or whatever you wanna call it.

Gary O'Brien said...


Really nice work! Using the Meade mount is an excellent idea.


Anonymous said...

I do !!

Scott MacDonald said...

I'm doing them occasionally for my newspaper:

I've done more, but some of the older ones have dropped off the site.


Will Yurman said...

I've started a weekly panorama feature with audio for my paper. I'll apologize in advance for some of the panoramas - especially the early ones. But I think the audio adds a lot.
Hopefully I'll get better at all this :)


Anonymous said...

I do too ! :-)


JP Lavoie said...

I publish panoramics regularly and weekly for the media here in Montreal and Quebec. They call it in french "photo-bulle" (buble picture). I work very hard to promote VR in the medias here in Quebec since last year.

You can access the paper site and the picture archives here:

I like your blog very much and the work you do!
Jean-Pierre Lavoie

mstoss said...

I do on - a 360° news dedicated blog, turning into an online-magazine soon. There's some more photographers contributing on that blog, but it is still experimental so far, testing the occasions where panoramas are a suitable media.

Anonymous said...


Let me invite you to watch my website (I hope the biggest one in Poland). There are over 1600 hires HDR panoramas in our catalogue. We made about 170 panoramas in october (most of them have not been published yet but we are going to do as soon as possible).

Anonymous said...

We did some at the recent fires:,0,

(Look for the promo box on the right) We're new to panos, so please be kind:)

mstoss said...

@ Anonymous from LA Times: Really impressive. It's nice with cylindrical images in this situation, but I guess you are mostly better off by using a fisheye lens and full spherical panoramas. Less problems with lens flare since you point against sunlight only once and you need less images.


Gary O'Brien said...

This is great... you all are doing good work. Keep the links coming!

rawtoast said...

Hi there - I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area - and I'm doing panorama's on my blog:

I'm glad I found this thread - I'll be looking at the other pano's today during my lunch break ;)

Anonymous said...


Filipe Freitas said...

I post some panoramas when i travel

Floris said...

My archive of images is here :

New images I publish to this blog daily.

nhatgnat said...

Hi, we do them periodically, actually a designer saw some I did and requested that we do some for a preview of a new museum in San Francisco - published a week before the museum opened - I did 14 total:

I did a little tutorial at work (we have a pool pano kit) and from that Gary Reyes produced his first one here - from a local snow storm!:

mstoss said... has changed layout and character. We are closer to a dedicated news magazine now, based on panoramas. Have a look:


Sam Rohn said...

i use wordpress & flash panoramas player to publish my panoramas here -


mstoss said...

@ Sam Rohn: I could not immediately find your news panoramas there, any hint?


Pietsch Brubaker Family said...

The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon has begun a "soft" launch of our multimedia blog that includes several panoramas:

The Panoramist helped me tremendously with the panorama learning curve over the last several months. Thank you very much.