Monday, May 11, 2009

What do you want to learn about?

I'm preparing materials for a panorama demo workshop at the NPPA 2009 Visual Journalism Workshops

In a general sense - even if you're not going to attend the workshop - what do you want to learn about shooting panoramas?

What information do you need? How to shoot them, gear, using software, presenting, printing?

Let me know - specific questions are best. Please use the comments so others can see.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Filipe Freitas said...

I've always wondered how they make those panoramas in How can they capture so much without cutting moving objects, etc, like if it was a single 360x180 shot.

Mark Gilvey said...

First, can I show&tell? Gosh it must be 10 years since I made a QTVR. Here is one I did the connects several nodes with directional audio, music/narration. Excuse the quality, I can't recall if I shot the frames with my mini DV camera or if I had to shoot them on film, scan, color correct yadda yadda:


Second, I think if you don't already do it, you should show the value of shooting on a rig vs handheld. Since the new version of Photoshop does such a good job at making pano' it really becoming that easy or are people just fooling themselves and should still be using a VR head on a tripod.


Sonia K. said...

I won't be attending but would appreciate knowing what different camera models offer, how they differ, how they compare. For example, I just noticed that my G10 has a menu item for panoramas that I haven't had a chance to study yet.

I'd also like to know various tips to optimize the images prior to subjecting to Photomerge.

Gary O'Brien said...

Hi, all:

These are good questions. Keep them coming!


tk84 said...

I'm interested in hearing about possibilities for embedded audio accessed through buttons, links that connect panos, flash programming - nice examples of how far VR journalism has already gone.