Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prison Riots Aftermath | Bryan Chan - LATimes

This is a good use of a panorama, to put the viewer in the news scene. I'm curious as to why the burned out housing block isn't the featured panorama. It is a powerful scene, and I would also have liked to see the prison courtyard.

I'd like to hear from Bryan about conditions, etc. during the tour if that's possible.

Working the nadir into our panoramas is a challenge, yet it is doable. Many of you don't include it, and I'd like to hear why. Is it a technical problem, stitching problems, or a question of photo manipulation ethics? Post a comment, or drop an email if you're shy. I'd like to help if I can.

This blog has been quiet of late and I want to change that. What do you want to learn? Also, please send links of yours and others' work to help prime the pump.


etegration said...

is there a link to the pano of the above screenshot? it'll be cool to take a look at it.

Gary O'Brien said...


The headline is a link to the pano, sorry for the confusion.

I like your ITCOW 360 blog. Very slick layout.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing examples of drop-down text/images embedded within panoramas. As yet, I haven't seen an easy way (without tricky FPP programming) to do this (which probably accounts for its rarity) but there would be countless ways this would improve panorama usage in the news.

Here's a link to a panorama I did during the ongoing aftermath of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan.

etegration said...

nice pano! pano journalism isn't catching on in Singapore yet. Hope it does soon. Why didnt you include the zenith and nadir in the pano?

Thanks for visiting my site.

Chris Pietsch said...

Thanks for maintaining this site, it has been very helpful to me as my paper has dipped its toe into multimedia panoramas.

I put this one together awhile back, but thought I would add a link here. It was my first attempt at combining a full 180x360 AND directional sound.

I have been doing most of my panos with a 15mm so it is much easier to keep the FOV to 110 degrees or so. Many times the content of the nadir is not that interesting anyway and not worth the extra effort if I am on deadline. If and when I get an 8mm, I will probably make 180 degrees my default, however.