Sunday, March 9, 2008

Introduction to Panoramas on

A great resource for multimedia journalists is, the site of the multi-talented Zach Wise. He is a multimedia producer at the Las Vegas Sun who I met at the 2007 NPPA Multimedia Immersion in Portland, OR. He's also a great teacher.
As part of his multimedia work, he shoots 3-shot panoramas with a Sigma 8mm and a Canon 5D. This is a great setup for photojournalists because it's fast, enabling the capture of dynamic scenes. There's sufficient overlap between frames to allow for subject movement in those areas.
Zach has put together a very cool demo that shows the overlap between frames. What happens in those areas between frames is crucial to the success of our panoramas.
The website features a link to Zach's panoramas (including one from last week's NASCAR race) and the staff's multimedia on its home page. I'm very envious.

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