Sunday, March 9, 2008

PTGui for Beginners from John Houghton

John Houghton has written several excellent tutorials on his site. His PTGui for Beginners is as good a tutorial as I have found for using PTGui in its Basic mode. It's written for Windows users, but if you're using a Mac, the information about PTGui is nearly identical.

If you've been trying PTGui and are getting frustrated, grab a set of pano images (John provides the set of images used in the tutorial), set aside a couple of hours and go through this tutorial - slowly.

A couple things:
The trial version of PTGui will work just fine for this tutorial.
At first, I would recommend ignoring the part about Smartblend, as the blender built into PTGui will work just fine.
Under the header "Viewing the Stitched Panorama", Mac users can also use Cubic Converter, as well as Pano2VR to convert the equirectangular image into a QTVR file.

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