Friday, November 23, 2007


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If you have been using QuickTime for panorama presentation and you're thinking about switching to Flash, you're probabaly also thinking "OMG. I have to re-output all those panos?".
You've also probably looked at and tried to figure out hotspots. My head is still hurting.
Fear not. Under the flag of his software shop Garden Gnome Software, Thomas Rauscher has written a great application called Pano2VR that will quickly convert a number of panoramic file formats to .swf files or QTVR if you like.
Pano2VR allows control over cube face size, quality, preview, initial orientation, metadata and autorotation. It also claims to (and it gives me a little shudder to write this) convert your QTVR hotspot files and/or create new hotspots in Flash. In a brief test, I find that creating Flash hotspots appears to be quick and easy. I'll post a test in the next day or two.
Pano2VR appears poised to replace Cubic Converter and Cubic Connector, which I've been using.

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