Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Panoramas at nytimes.com

The Times' New Home

There's some good work being done out there, panoramic is starting to catch on. Ray Jones and the crew at NYT Digital just did a series of views of the Times' new building in NYC. There's a package of multmedia, including four panoramas in the Arts section of nytimes.com.

Talk about a high-profile project right out of the box! This is their first published shot at panorama as far as I know. Ray was quizzing me a week or so ago about panoramas, and they obviously have been working hard. An excellent first effort for them.

I had originally posted that they were using Flash Panoramas for their presentation. However, I'm told by multimedia producer Gabriel Dance that it's actually an in-house solution he developed.

Sad to say, but QuickTime VR seems to be on the wane due to lack of support from Apple. It was fun while it lasted.


Gabriel said...

hi gary,

a heads up for you. we're not using flashpanoramas to present our work. we're using a custom 3D solution I implemented.

thanks for all the help with shooting.

gabriel dance

Gary O'Brien said...


Wow, you guys rock. It looks great and is very smooth. Thanks for the update.


CheathamLane said...

Hey Gary:

Thanks for the post about the NYTimes presentation -- it's slick!

I bet they're using Papervision 3D to hammer out the Flash presentation. It's good, but not quite as flexible as something like Flash Panorama Player. They may find that something out-of-the-box like FPP will give them more customization ability & better image quality.

In any case, kudos to them -- looks good! The nuts and bolts stuff is secondary...