Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recent work on charlotte.com

Van Landhingham Glen at UNC-Charlotte

A vision of fall in the Carolinas. Despite the extreme drought, a pulse of rain in late October allowed the forests and trees to put on a decent fall color show.

Avenue Condominiums

Yeah, it's a virtual tour. But it's really cool real estate in the heart of uptown Charlotte, which is an amazing place. In a three-block stretch of Stonewall Street (across from the Observer) there are NINE construction cranes. It's amazing anyone with a window office is getting any work done.

River Docs at The Light Factory

Photographer Byron Baldwin is photographed during setup of River Docs at The Light Factory in Charlotte. Byron's an icon of the Charlotte photographic scene, having been an educator for many years and a damned fine photographer as well.

Carshow Object Movie

This isn't really a panorama, but an object movie. Consider this another way to present information. In this case, I shot 30 images as the truck rotated on its turntable (aka a really big lazy susan), and created the object movie in VRWorx.

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