Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Panos in the Spin Room - lasvegassun.com

Open panorama on lasvegassun.com
Here's a news panorama from Zach Wise, who is shooting with a Canon 5D and a Sigma 8mm, as far as I know. That's the rig he was using at the Multimedia Summit in Portland this summer.
With the Sigma 8mm (a full-frame circular fisheye) he's getting a full 180-degree image. I'm guessing this shot was either handheld or on a monopod because it's such a tight space, and he's shooting it in 3 frames since he's got 180 degrees of HFoV in each frame. But the stitching is difficult, as you can see in the ceiling, and I think the moving people may have caused problems as well.
Here's what he had to say about this pano:
"Well, the shoot was extremely difficult, since I was recording audio in multidirections at the same time I was shooting the pano. The proximity to people in the pano became a problem, as you can see from the blur. That corner is near a stitch point and it was hot for traffic, so in the two frames that stitched at that point people were moving to catch a sound bite etc in both frames causing some weirdness. We're looking at the One shot mirror system as a possible solution, as well as a four channel recorder with mics positioned on the bottom. I want to be able to use a system for serious reporting. "
Zach is at the Las Vegas Sun now. He's the multimedia producer for their soon-to-be revamped website. Check out his personal site digitalartwork.net.
Thanks to Ray Jones at nytimes.com for the heads up on Zach's work.

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zachwise said...

Yep, I'm using the Canon 5D and the sigma 8mm.